Happy Stillness Week

GiftI watch my little ones as they fling snowflakes and construct crystal kingdoms and I smile at the stillness of this week.  Jingle-bells echo and the scent of peppermint lingers and everything turns from red-green to silver-light.  Each year, I’m surprised how the space between Christmas and New Years feels weightless and lifts me up and I hold my breath with the whole world.  We all wait, balanced on this final span of 2012, amazed at the passing of yet another year and the whispered hope of time renewed.

So many people talk of the post-Christmas letdown, but I love this week.  It always feels like a gift, as if the extra hour in the day we all wish for gets packaged into an extra seven days, during which we can all breathe easy because time doesn’t officially move forward again until January 1.  Oh sure, we all still have our to-do lists, but this week we can step outside our respective rat races and be light.

This week is for reflection.  It’s for dreaming and calibrating and resolving (let’s face it; we all do it – even if we resolve not to resolve).  It’s for surveying the contents of a year – of a lifetime – and being thankful.  We don’t have to look forward yet, at least not with our usual gravity.  We can observe the future safely from Stillness Week and see all the shapes our lives may take.  This week is not a letdown; it’s a blessing.

So I wish you Happy Stillness Week, however you choose to spend it.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Stillness Week

  1. muriellerites January 7, 2013 at 7:07 pm Reply

    Thanks for dropping by and following me. May stillness visit often in the coming year.

  2. Being June January 8, 2013 at 1:48 pm Reply

    My pleasure.

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