The recipe that saved my zucchini from certain death

Zucchini grows comically large if you’re not careful.  I spent one little weekend away, and now I have ten green caveman-club squashes stacked in my dining room – and they refuse to be willed out of existence.  Lucky for them, moments before I raised the white flag and laid them to rest upon my compost pile, I came across Gina’s blog, featuring these perfect little Zucchini Tots.

Zucchini, onion, cheddar, bread crumbs, egg.  ‘Nuff said.  With one bowl and a mini-muffin tin, in about seven minutes (not including cooking time) you’ll have a platter full of scrumtious little cheesy medallions.  Unless you’re using zucchini-clubs, like me, in which case you’ll need to scrape out the seeds before you grate; the seeds grow comically large, too.

This little kid-friendly gem is frugal, fast and nutritious.  I doubled the recipe and made 24 and, between the four of us here at the June household, they lasted about two hours.

My two cents:  Don’t be afraid to bake them a bit longer.  It browns the cheese – and that stuff is good.  I also didn’t add salt; these bad boys are full of flavor.

Thank you, Miss Gina.  My zucchini owe you their lives.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest


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4 thoughts on “The recipe that saved my zucchini from certain death

  1. rosewithoutthorns September 26, 2012 at 5:37 pm Reply

    This looks absolutely delicious!! I cant wait to try it! thanks for sharing!


  2. […] week I stumbled across this lovely Zucchini Tots recipe by via Being June. I was so enchanted by how easy and mouthwatering the recipe looked that I set out all ready to […]

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