June: 1… Fruit Flies: 0

I’m still processing veggies.  Last week I fell a little behind, and inadvertently ushered in a wayward swarm of fruit flies.  These little guys seemed to be getting rather cozy in my kitchen (when I shooed one I’m fairly certain it smirked at me), so I wondered whether I could outsmart them.  Preferably in a non-toxic manner that didn’t involve a trip to the store. 

Enter About.com (my go-to research website).  Turns out, it’s pretty easy to dupe a fruit fly.  You’ll need:

–  1/2 apple cup cider vinegar
–  drop or two of dishwashing liquid
–  a little patience

That’s it.  Pour the vinegar in a little bowl, add a drop or two of dishsoap and wait (chuckling maniacly adds to the fun).

The dishsoap creates the illusion of a hard surface, and when the wee invader attempts a landing…splash!  The result?  By the end of the day I counted about two dozen former fruit flies in my bowl.  A little morbid?  Maybe.  But in one day, without leaving my home or poisoning my cat, I triumphed over what could have become a massive fruit fly takeover.


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