Easy, frugal lunch recipe (and a delicious break from the sandwich)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sandwich.  They’re quick, and generally a kid-pleaser.  But this week we’ve had sandwiches every day, and the prospect of another ham-on-rye made me twitch.  The solution?  The quesadilla!

You’ll need:
8″ Flour tortillas (corn tortillas get floppy on the skillet.  I know.  I’ve tried.) 
Canned refried beans
Jarred salsa (spicy to your liking)
Shredded cheese (we love cheddar)

I like to break out my 10″ cast-iron skillet from time to time, and this gives me a good reason (though any skillet will do).  For cast iron, I heat the pan on medium while I assemble the quesadillas.  To your liking, spread first about a quarter cup refried beans on a flour tortilla, then salsa to taste, then cheese.  Top with a second tortilla.  By now your skillet is hot, so drop on a quesadilla for three minutes per side, and voila!  er, I mean aqui es!

Let it cool for a few then slice into quarters (or eat it whole if you’re so inclined.  Who am I to judge?).  If this sounds dull, add sour cream, chopped cilantro, guac, sliced green onions, more salsa…anything, really, except maybe chocolate syrup.   

My whole family loves these, and we sometimes swap out beans for chicken.  Little effort, lots of nutrients. 

If you try it, I’d love to hear how it went!


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