The Superdress

Can we all just take a moment to focus on this dress?

Now then.  The good people of Ann Taylor dubbed this the “Summer Shadows Sheath Dress,” and priced it at $138.  That’s a bit high for the frugal-minded (like me), but hear me out.  Ms. Taylor is having a 40%-off sale, which brings the cost of the Superdress to around $83.  Still high, you say?  If this were the Everydress, perhaps.  But this dress can go almost anywhere, I’d wager even all by itself:

On the town – pair with red heels and a slim, silver purse (and tailored blazer if you’re shoulder-conscious)

Shopping – throw on a denim or light military jacket and sandals

Church – don ballet flats, a pastel cardi and pearls

Brunch – sport nude heels and chunky gold bracelets

Consider, too, the classic, figure-flattering silhouette (indeed, the sheath dress may outlast the human race) and statement-but-not-too-loud pattern, and this dress could easily become the newest member of your family.

So, how would you wear it?

Source: via Julia on Pinterest


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