A Little Bread Magic

Source: allrecipes.com via Julia on Pinterest

I promised to share how to use up and stale Best-Breadmaker-Bread – should you ever find yourself in such a rare predicament (it’s only happened to me twice, and I’ve made BBB about 15 times in the last five months).

Bread pudding ranks pretty high on the Ultimate Comfort Food list, and this one’s the best I’ve found. I let the kiddos tear up the bread while I whip up the other ingredients, and this good old-fashioned staple is ready to bake in about four minutes.

The pudding comes out crisp on top, custard-y in the center, and fills the house with wafts of cinnamon (though you can sub spices and additions to suit your taste). It’s frugal, it’s nutritious (FYI – I reduced the amount of sugar), it’s 100% homemade and the kids l.o.v.e. it. We serve it for breakfast, reheated and topped with a splash of milk or cream. There’s nothing better than a warm belly on a sub-zero morning.



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