Best breadmaker bread. ever.


I banished my breadmaker to the cold depths of my basement years ago. I thought it was handy, but hubby (gently) complained that each bread loaf reeked of yeast. Try as I might, I couldn’t lose the yeastiness, and so down, down, down it went.

But over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about baking, and I have a better sense of how ingredients intermingle. While I’m not opposed to kneading (okay, I am opposed to kneading, but I’ll do it if the mood strikes), this is not the time of year for the seemingly endless folding and mashing of dough. Shortcuts! I need shortcuts!

So, my good friend Google and I went in search of better breadmaker bread, and we unearthed this gem. Within ten minutes, my machine was busily kneading/rising/resting and I moved on to the next thing.

Three hours later, that fresh-bread scent permeated the house. I popped open the breadmaker to find a perfectly browned, crispy loaf. One slice revealed an airy, soft white bread and…(drumroll)…no trace of yeastiness! I served hubby a buttered slice (with no mention of my baking method) and he loved it. The kids did, too, as evidenced by the crumb trail I found stretching from the living room to the incredible shrinking loaf.

Bottom line, this bread has become part of the family. I make it once a week, and its only lasted long enough to get stale once – and we even turned that into something scrumptious (more on that later).

What about you? I’m in love with my breadmaker again, but I’ve been too enamored with this recipe to try anything else, and I’d love to hear about other yeastiness-free options.

Source: via Julia on Pinterest


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