Stop and smell the snowflakes


And here comes the snow, A language in which no word is ever repeated. 
–William Matthews (1942 – 1997)


The season’s bustle propels us at warp speed toward Christmas Day, leaving time for little more than a cursory glance (or growl) at the white blanket outside our window panes.  If you’re not careful, the season’s bustle will also suck the jolly right out of you.  To counter this, it’s essential to take a few stolen moments each day to breathe, recharge and appreciate the season’s gifts.  

I can already hear you.  “Sounds great.  Are you going to keep track of my kids while I stare out the window?”  Well, no.  But fear not; Being June has a plan:

For you:

–       Hot water, teabag, cup
–       A copy of The Art of the Snowflake, Kenneth Libbrecht (check your library) 

For the kids:
–       Age-appropriate scissors
–       Handful of 8.5 x 11 paper
–       A copy of Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes, Peggy Edwards  (ditto)

You may need to spend a minute folding the first template to give your child a guide, but kids age four and up will take over from there.  The finished product is so surprisingly intricate that your little one will demand you hand over the pattern book, and voila – ten minutes! 

After that, just recline, sip your favorite tea and flip the magical, glossy pages of The Art of the Snowflake.    

Tip:  For kids three and under, warm up a little ginger ale or apple juice and let them crawl into your lap.  You may not have total silence, but the light in their eyes will be just as good. 

Bonus:  the snowflakes are a whimsical addition to any window.

Happy gazing!


One thought on “Stop and smell the snowflakes

  1. Surabhi December 12, 2011 at 2:55 am Reply

    I live in a place that has never seen snow fall..! But I experienced it for two days during my stay at Netherlands. And I wish I had read your post then.. so as to enjoy the snow more.

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